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  Energy savings CalcsMaster™      
  With energy requirements throughout the world over the coming decades very much in the news, there are small things that we can all do to save energy without any inconvenience whatsoever.   This calculator is designed to allow you to analyse your possible return on investment by changing to low energy light bulbs.  We know you will be surprised!    
  We have  entered some numbers in the input boxes below but they can all be changed to take account of your particular circumstances.   
  This may be a typical house but all the figures are user-definable so go ahead!        
    Definable (w) No.    Ave daily use  Kw/day      
  Standard bulbs          
  Standard bulbs          
  Standard bulbs          
  Standard bulbs          
  Standard bulbs          
  Number of household light bulbs          
  Low energy bulb savings   Daily energy savings kwhrs      
  Kwhr cost $   Daily cost savings      
  Price over standard bulb $                
    Payback   days      
    Year 1 net benefit (after purchase)          
    Guaranteed life   hrs yrs       
    Lifetime savings         
    Total return on net investment      
  What could this mean for New Zealand?          
     Total New Zealand Households      
  Potential national savings:    megawatt hours per day       
Equivalent wind turbine production: Wind efficiency          
  * Based on the Meridian Energy Te Apiti wind turbines capable of generating 1.65mw/hr each.    
  Click here for more about the Te Apiti windfarm.    
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