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Climate change and tourism | Distances and Visitor Numbers |

        The Carbon emissions impact of tourism in New Zealand        
        While tourism is not part of the first reporting period (2008 to 2012) of the Kyoto agreement on climate change, it is a significant contributor to greenhouse gases.  This has been highlighted recently (January 2008) by researchers Craig Rodgers and Inga Smith from Otago University.  This calculator is designed to see the likely components of their calculations. It  demonstrates the potential damage to New Zealand's economy when politicians, without any understanding as to how it might be achieved, suggest that carbon neutrality  is a realistic objective!         
        Initial value of a Carbon Credit $          
        The following are the CO2e values used:            
        Petrol (kg/litre)     Average stay     days       1
        Diesel (kg/litre)                      
        LPG (kg/litre)                      
        Electricity (kg/kwhr)                      
        Car/Camper van     l/100km              
        Persons/vehicle   =     kg CO2e per person per km        
        Air-travel (kg CO2e/km)                
          Class   Domestic   Oceania   Longhaul            
          Average           weighted average        
        CO2e Calculation per average passenger visit to NZ            
        Travel to NZ - average distance     km        =     tonnes CO2e        
        Internal travel - distance     km              
          Road     =     tonnes CO2e        
          Air     =     tonnes CO2e        
        Electricity usage - est/day   Kwhrs     =     tonnes CO2e        
        Number of tourists         m tonnes CO2e          
        (See next page)            
        Pinus radiata sequestration rate     t of CO2e /year over a   yr rotation      
        Assume visitor annual growth of     additional plantings   ha pa      
        The cost of establishing the required forest at $