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        How realistic is the goal of neutrality in New Zealand?        
        Note: Elements of this report change when the assumptions on the next page are altered.        
        The Kyoto protocol is all about pegging green house gas emissions at their 1990 levels in an attempt to reduce the risk of accelerated global warming. However the goal of "carbon neutrality" is being heard more and more but without the benefit of any real analysis as to the likely cost.  The fact of the matter is that NZ has some reasonably high emitting activities.  Agriculture, electricity generation and tourism are the three highest however they are all to the NZ economy. (Interestingly tourism doesn't feature in any official emission calculations!)  The only likely significant reductions will come from electricity generation over time.        
        We estimate (all our assumptions are user-definable on the next page) that getting close to carbon neutrality for NZ would        
        The reality of any carbon sequestering initiative is that after the trees have been harvested (in say 28 years for Pinus radiata) the initial area has to be replanted to cover for the harvested area and new planting of an equal area is required to maintain the carbon neutrality.        
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