The 2008 climate change legislation in New Zealand effectively nationalised the carbon sequestered in exotic forests* in existence on 1 January 1990.    
      The mechanism established by the legislation to discourage owners of pre-1990 forests from changing the use of their land is the DEFORESTATION LIABILITY set out in Tables contained in the forestry sector Regulations** made by Order in Council.    
      This calculator provides an easy way for the user to undertake a range of ETS related calculations. [While we have checked that our figures are accurate, if completing any Returns, a final check to the Official Tables contained in the then current Regulations should be undertaken.]    
    ABOUT THE TABLES (based on the 8th December 2009 reprint)        
      The Tables are to be used for all ETS forestry calculations. There are two types of calculation, (i) the deemed emissions from deforestation and (ii) the deemed sequestration from a growing forest or the deemed emissions from its harvest.    
      Under the current legislation (as amended in December 2009), all Pre-1990 exotic forests* are in the ETS while owners of Post-1989 forests, including those with Indigenous forests planted after 1989, can opt into the ETS. However carbon credits (known as NZ units - "NZU's") will only be available for carbon sequestered after 1 January 2008.    
      [For the complete Look-up Tables, click here.]      
      There are six sets of Tables in three categories. The first two relate to pre-1990 exotic forests for which there are nine Pinus    
      Radiata growing regions and three non-Pinus specie groupings.    
      The second set of Tables relates to the sequestration rates for post-1989 forests, with Indigenous added to the non-Pinus group.  
      The final category is the carbon that remains in and on the ground after the harvest of commercial forests. The amount depends on the age of the harvested trees and has to be accounted for as equal emissions over each of the subsequent ten years.    
      In the case of the deforestation of a forest under nine years old, the liability is calculated by reference to the age of the previous rotation at the time of harvest. There could be substantial advantages gained by waiting until year nine to deforest.    
    * There is provision in the legislation for owners of pre-1990 forests of less than 50 hectare to "opt out"        
    ** Click here for the Forestry Regulations          
    These calculations are relatively straight forward. Enter the required information in the light boxes and you will get your answer.    
      Pinus:   Age yrs Deemed emissions   Area ha Price    
      Non-Pinus:   Age yrs Deemed emissions   Area ha Price    
      Carbon credit price: The big unknown for the future is the price carbon credits are likely to trade at. Without an agreement from    
      Copenhagen we in NZ don't even know the size of the market, ie will our forestry related carbon credits have a market overseas. The 2009 amendments to the climate change legislation capped the price of NZU's at $25 until 2013. It is anybody's guess as to what will happen after that. It is however, safe to assume that the price will be higher.    
      To help with determining a price for the above calculations use the following: Initial price $ Deforest year    
        SUMMARY (user defined)   Price rises (%) pa Future price: $    
        Reference   CO2/ha   Area   CO2 price $   Liability    
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