This analysis has been undertaken in support of Morikaunui Incorporation's submission on the climate change Bill currently before the Finance & Expenditure Select Committee.        
        This page contains a summary report table with the key conclusions highlighted.  The figures shown in red are where inequities for Maori land owners are highlighted. The NARRATIVE REPORT provides some background to the whole Climate Change debate and highlights the main conclusions of this analysis.        
        All the assumptions shown in the light coloured cells are user-definable.  If any assumptions are changed, the reports automatically update.        
        Overall analysis assumptions: CO2 $ /tonne  Note: The official calculations have assumed a price  of  $15/tonne while the current European price is over $50.00.      
        Proposed carbon credit allocation:        
        It will be seen from a study of the analysis that the maximum 24,100 owners of forested land are required to        
        Proposed value expropriation          
          Maori land   Non-Maori land   Total          
        Pre-1990 exotic forests billion billion billion        
        Post-1989 to 1 Jan 2008 billion billion billion        
        Indigenous forests billion billion billion        
        Total expropriated value billion billion billion        
        Average contribution from 15,000 private  exotic forest owners       1
        Average contribution from 9,100  private indigenous forest owners        
          Overall average contribution from 24,100 private forest owners          
        Annual revenue opportunities from existing forests          
        Post-1989 exotic forests million million million        
        Expropriated annual revenue opportunities            
        Pre-1990 exotics from 1/1/08 million million million        
        Indigenous forest   million million million        
        Total expropriated opportunities million million million        
        NET POSITION              
        Prepared by The ValueAdd Company for Morikaunui Incorporation