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        Increase your knowledge about Climate Change policies        
        This calculator allows you to dip your toe in the world of "carbon foot-prints, "carbon credits", CO2e, etc.        
        You will see in the calculators that all the default assumptions can be changed.  This means that if you have better information than we have you can use your figures.        
        The page headings are as follows (see above):            
        What is your carbon footprint?        
        From this you will be able to calculate that a return trip from NZ to London would generate around 20 tonnes of CO2 equivalents.        
        Some quick facts        
        See by how much road transport costs (in CO2e terms) in Europe exceed even air-freight from NZ.        
        Travel distances        
        For more detailed analysis, especially relating to agriculture and forestry in        
        New Zealand, click here.          
        Additional information, comments or ideas would be appreciated. Click below.       
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